my head is ruffles ruffles ruffles. You probably think what a heck is this? Let me tell you a little bit about my outfit. So lets start from the inspiration. I was inspired by tube stations, rain and streetwear of London. It's more of experimental street wear as I think streetwear is one of the most creative things if were talking about fashion. Because it have its own personality which means streetwear is unique and have soul, soul of every human being. Wondering what you gonna wear today is creating personal style and reflects like a mirror your feelings. For example: you wanna look cool so you definitely pick something impressing, you need attention. The other day you feel pretty and you pick up from your wardrobe something sexy and then the next day when 'fuck everything' mood turns on and simply you decide to wear something comfy like those grey tracksuits everybody have. You talk through clothes, I see that and I adore that. Even if you don't want to or you don't care about fashion, fashion cares about you haha. So, this outfit comes in two pieces, a simple blouse in dark plum colour with ruffles. Fife on each sleeve. The fabric of sleeves is just amazing. When I saw it, oh boy... I was like...thats better than I could imagine. Looks like rain, like wet sidewalks during the night in London. The upper part of dungarees was really exacting. Its recycled from old jeans found in vintage stores. Which is also inspired by streetwear as a denim is very important and often used on the streets. I used patchwork method to make them and after that decorated them with silver thread creating the image of hand sewn seam. Which represents self made clothes, or clothes with past bought in vintage stores. Why they squares? Because it reminds me of tube stations: blue, white or black colours of ceramic tiles are very specific. lover part, the legs are also inspired by rain but the one which rains in early morning during the summer when sun rises, after that the sky becomes 'milky' which is very common for British weather. Every sunny morning when I was heading to work got me inspired with that beautiful orangey sky. Also I wanted to match two totally different fabrics together to symbolise the rebelliousness in history of British subcultures. Why its called fear? This question I will leave for you. If you saw my Instagram or saw my older posts its all the time about same issue. Here you go, make your own interpretation, enjoy. 


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