People telling me that I'm a very brave person. My life decisions for some of them are extreme, but I don't feel like that at all. Sometimes I even think that I'm one of the most scared and shy people in the world. It's interesting how others see you and how you see yourself. In my case those two views are completely different. I won't lie that leaving my family or friends behind for my dreams was easy, but it just came so naturally. When I was changing my life it all felt right. I wasn't scared. I was excited. So, on this pictures you can see my first fashion work done abroad. The project was about changing the silhouette of a formal white shirt and this is how I finally played with it. I'm really sad that I couldn't create all of my designs for this project but well, that would be impossible. 55 designs only in few weeks haha, crazy! 

Model: Linda Agerly

Pics as a collaboration with fashion styling course by Lauren Black, stylised by Sophie Grafton.


  1. Wow! it's really awesome. Good luck Patisse :)


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